MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

Motorola MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

Reach any Worker, Anywhere In the World

The IP Site Connect digital solution uses the Internet to extend the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system no matter where you're located. You can communicate easily among geographically dispersed locations across the city, state or country.

You can create wide area coverage and automatically roam from one coverage area to another with no manual intervention. Or you can enhance coverage at a single site like a high-rise building that contains physical barriers. IP Site Connect enables you to extend the voice and data communication capability of your workforce beyond the levels two-way radio has achieved before. This means dramatically improved customer service and increased productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows you to share voice and data applications such as text messaging or GPS-location tracking across an unlimited geographical area.
  • Expands coverage for conventional users by allowing you to network multiple repeaters at a single site or dispersed locations.
  • Gives system administrators the ability to monitor and control repeaters within your analog or digital system.
  • Keys up all radios on a wide area channel, allowing users to monitor communications from remote locations in their network.
  • Enables users to seamlessly roam between sites of a wide area system without having to physically change channels.
  • Utilize new MOTOTRBO radios, repeaters and data applications - or existing MOTOTRBO equipment via software upgrade.
  • Improves overall business communications and visibility by allowing you to track or send a message to any device in a wide area from a single server.

Share Information without Interruption

Are you a school district with buses spread across the city? Are you a hospital seeking continuous coverage throughout multiple buildings on your campus? Or are you a manufacturer looking to communicate between facilities that are miles apart? With IP Site Connect you can keep employees connected by linking multiple repeaters through an IP network to create wide area coverage, enhance single-site coverage or link geographically dispersed locations.

Do you want to send directions to your fleet without distracting them on the road, divert a utility crew to repair a downed power line or give your employees access to work order tickets right on their radios? IP Site Connect not only enhances voice communication for your work team, it enables them to quickly and easily share data such as text messages, GPS location tracking, work order tickets and much more.

Wide Area Coverage, Connect with Them in the Field

You need to keep connected with workers spread across the city making deliveries, repairing water main breaks and fixing downed power lines. IP Site Connect enables the wide-area communication you need by linking adjoining single sites through an IP network to create continuous, unbroken coverage. So no matter where the job takes them, you and your work crews stay connected.

Use text messaging to send directions to the next delivery location without distracting drivers from the road or GPS location tracking to dispatch the nearest repair crew for faster response times. Plus, the automatic site-roaming feature eliminates the need for employees to physically change channels as they move throughout the coverage area, helping them to stay focused on the job at hand.

Single Site Coverage, Unify Them across Buildings and Boundaries

Whether you are a major medical center with multiple buildings or a high-rise hotel, IP Site Connect ensures all your staff, such as security and maintenance personnel, can talk to each other from any location - be it a basement, tunnel or multi-level parking structure. You'll find interference is eliminated and drop-out spots are a thing of the past.

Metal structure or concrete building, lower level or top floor, IP Site Connect enhances coverage throughout your property by networking your system through an IP network. With repeaters strategically located throughout a campus or complex, your people can share voice and data quickly and do their work more safely and efficiently.

Geographically-Dispersed Sites, Reach Them Wherever They Work

IP Site Connect extends the reach of your MOTOTRBO systems virtually anywhere in the world. So if you're a manufacturing plant headquartered in North America, you can communicate with all your engineers, fabricators and shippers in real time - up to 14 warehouses, distribution centers or satellite facilities - no matter how scattered the sites.

From San Francisco to Shanghai, you can seamlessly link people in different locations to share information, monitor orders, check deliveries, track assets with GPS or send text message updates, resulting in improved productivity and minimized downtime for your business.

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