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Two-Way Radio Solutions For Law Enforcement Agencies In Northern California

Serving Modesto and the San Joaquin Valley

Ray's Radio provides custom communications solutions to state and local law enforcement agencies in Modesto, and the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California. Our solutions include the latest APX portable and mobile two-way radios and accessories.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Public Safety Agency’s Technology

Today’s law enforcement agencies must manage endless flows of data that can either overwhelm them or help them better serve and protect their communities. Analyzing information and turning it into actionable intelligence is critical, but it’s equally critical to distribute this intelligence to everyone who needs it, exactly where and when they need it.

We support Law Enforcement with a full range of product choices in a complete and integrated platform, making it easy to keep your law enforcement personnel safer and your operations more efficient including radio systems and devices, records and evidence systems, CAD, and body-worn and in-car cameras.

Two-Way Radios

In an emergency, other first responders may be a few feet or several miles away. When every second counts, you need a radio you can rely on to get the job done. Since coordinating response and protecting lives is at the heart of every mission, every two-way radio transmission is crucial. Every radio has one job and one job only: to keep you safe.

ASTRO 25 is the leading Project (P25) standards-based system used by over 11,000 agencies around the world. With uncompromising real-world performance and legendary Motorola reliability, the ASTRO 25 solution continues to evolve, adding practical innovations and performance-driven capabilities that enable government agencies to protect the communities they work in and support neighboring communities through interoperability.

The APX P25 two-way radio series redefines safety in communication. APX puts the right device into the hands of the right user. Every feature and function is designed with its users in mind – from the rugged, easy-to-operate design to the loudest, clearest audio. The result is the ability to keep your people and community safer than ever before.

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Body-Worn Cameras

Body-Worn Cameras
Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras allow officers to capture and store evidence and communicate instantly in the moments that matter. Using the body-worn cameras, officers can easily record video clips, still images, and witness or suspect interviews and add incident audio notes. Content is seamlessly encrypted, tagged and uploaded via Wi-fi to their CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software where it is securely stored.

Digital Evidence Management
Combine all of your digital evidence and management workflows together, into a single system, with CommandCentral Vault. This one, unified repository will provide you with the confidence you need to effectively manage your growing amount of content securely. It’s designed to help you avoid any added administrative work and ensures that when it’s needed, evidence can be found and prepared quickly, so that people and cases keep moving.

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Broadband PTT for Public Safety

During a crisis, the last thing you want to worry about is scrambling to connect communications between police, fire and EMS, departments from different communities, various government agencies, and the social service groups who respond. Yet, ensuring PTT voice and data communications across devices, different networks, and long physical distances can be extremely challenging. This is often exacerbated when teams that don’t often work together partner on a response.

Broadband push-to-talk solutions from the Public Safety Software Suite can help keep your teams connected and more productive with instant voice communication and data sharing that has no boundaries. Users on two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, and laptops can communicate seamlessly with one another. They can easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button – all from one PTT application. Broadband PTT helps seamlessly connect different personnel together regardless of network, location or device used. Plus, it’s easy to enable MCPTT-Compliant Communication, enhance delivery through Quality of Service (QoS), and even add Priority and Preemption through a carrier-integrated application.

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Public Safety Software

The Motorola Solutions public safety software suite is the only end-to-end software platform that provides a unified experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for public safety. The portfolio integrates emergency call handling, command and control, records and evidence, and broadband push-to-talk (PTT). Each solution is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Unify disparate software and experience powerful new features and functionality, including unified workflows, design that’s micro tailored to each public safety role, and intelligent assistance to automate and enhance processes.

NG9-1-1 Call Handling Software
Emergency call handling solutions from Motorola Solutions are designed to help you maximize the first critical minute when a call is received. Solutions like CallWorks CallStation and the VESTA® 9-1-1 suite simplify the process of capturing and managing information by ingesting cell phone calls, texts, video and mapping into one console, instantaneously.

Command & Control Software
When speed and decisiveness are critical, command and control solutions from Motorola Solutions help you get the right information to the right responders, fast. Dispatchers can keep their eyes focused on their CAD screen where resources are assigned to an incident talk group. They see radio IDs displayed within CAD, in a Push-To-Talk (PTT) window, so they always know who is talking. Non-radio users on broadband PTT can join an incident group as well. Dispatchers always know the location of field resources, regardless of whether they are in a vehicle, on foot, or in a pursuit.

Records Management (RMS)
Records and evidence solutions from Motorola Solutions are designed to help you complete reports faster, turn insight into difference-making action, and relieve crushing administrative burdens. Our first-of-its-kind consolidated records and evidence solution empowers productivity across your operation by creating and leveraging one complete foundation of knowledge.

License Plate Recognition

Only Vigilant Solutions’ License Plate Recognition (LPR) platform includes powerful analytics that help to complete the investigative triangle of person, plate and location and that’s why agencies consider it a true force multiplier and essential law enforcement platform.

Fixed LPR
Vigilant’s Fixed LPR solution features a fully integrated, but compact camera and LPR processing unit. Operating with seamless integration to LEARN, or as a stand-alone product with a published Application Programming Interface (API) for customized needs.

Vigilant Mobile LPR is the industry’s premier mobile LPR product. Managed from LEARN, Mobile LPR focuses officers’ efforts on known vehicles of interest for appropriate and real-time intervention.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

First responders can be in danger at any moment of any day. Whatever the situation, public safety operations depend on immediate access to the best information available. Saving time and lives. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) incident and resource management system is transforming public safety and dispatch operations. It streamlines the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety. CAD delivers real-time information into the hands of those who need it most to make better decisions for greater outcomes.

Voice and Computer-Aided Dispatch Solutions
Resolve incidents faster and more safely with a unified, real-time operational view.

PremierOne® CAD
Streamline the data flow from call-taking to dispatch and focus on coordinating response to large-scale incidents with decisive speed and maximum configuration.

Spillman Flex® CAD
Connect responders with complete, life-saving information in an integrated and off-the-shelf solution built for single or multiple jurisdictional dispatch.

P25 Radio Dispatch Consoles

Mobilize and Inform When and Where It's Needed Most
As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve. Make your dispatch center an information pipeline, on which first responders can rely for the relevant, real-time intelligence they need.

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LTE User Devices

Make officers more street-ready with broadband devices built tough enough to survive punishing conditions, loud enough to be heard, and intuitive enough to be easy to use. Arm your first responders with richer, real-time information – from crime statistics and suspect images to streaming CCTV and ‘tac’ plans.

Give first responders the device made for the mission ahead. Every feature and function is engineered with them in mind – from the loud clear audio, to the advanced security, hard as nails ruggedness and smart accessories.

LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device
The LEX L11 Mission-Critical LTE Device. Designed with first responders in mind, it’s the result of our tireless quest to understand the way you actually work. Every feature and function is thoughtfully considered, from the rugged, easy to operate design to the always loud and clear audio to the advanced end to end secure mobile platform and the enhanced accessibility provided by a suite of accessories. Because keeping your community safe is the most critical mission of all.

  • Best-In-Class Audio Quality and Performance
  • Intuitive Controls Make Operational Natural
  • Outperforms in the Harshest Environment
  • Radio Collaboration Capability

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