Equipment Repair

Equipment Repair

Motorola Two-Way Radio Repair Modesto, California

Ray’s Radio has a full repair facility on site and is a designated Motorola Service Station for all your Motorola two-way radio repair needs. Ray’s Radio also has an installation crew on site that is also mobile. We can install any communications equipment that Industrial Communications Sales sells and beyond.

Designated a "Master" Motorola Service Station Ray's Radio services equipment types:

  • Conventional 2-way Radio
  • Motorola Data Communications
  • Microwave Communications
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Communication Center Consoles
  • 911 Dispatch Centers
  • Digital Voice Protection
  • Radio Paging Systems
  • Motorola Trunking Radio
  • Alarm & Control Systems
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Motorola Cellular Radio
  • Vehicular Repeaters
  • Receiver Voting Systems
  • Emergency Medical Systems<
  • Digital Status / Message Systems

Ray's Radio also handles some new and emerging technologies including:

  • NEXTEL Digital 2-way
  • Networked 220 MHz Radio
  • SKYCELL Satellite Phone, Dispatch, DATA, and Fax Services

Ray's Radio is a David Clark Repair Center. Ray's can handle all your headset and intercom repairs.