Services For LTE Handheld Devices

Ensure Peak Performance For Your LTE Devices

Critical communication has become increasingly complex as your LTE devices become more IP-based, supporting integrated data applications and enhanced features.

Rely on us to help you achieve your performance targets you need for your device fleet.


Rely On Expert Repair

State-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, repair tools and replacement parts helps ensure your LTE devices are protected from normal wear and tear and back in operation within five days. Two way shipping is included. All devices are returned to factory specifications and updated with the latest firmware. Our service centers are certified to comply with ISO9001.

Access Technical Support

Our experienced technologists are available 8x5, Monday – Friday, local time, to help isolate and resolve any issues you may have with your LTE devices. These dedicated professionals effectively troubleshoot and resolve your issues within a four-hour time frame.

Expand Your Coverage

While our LTE devices are built for superior performance, accidents happen. We offer expanded coverage and support that includes: repairs for chemical, liquid and physical damage; three day repair turnaround time; two-hour window for help desk response and 8x5 technical support

Essential Services for LTE Devices

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Essential Services Brochure for LTE Handheld Devices